We can attribude the founding of Dawnswyr Talog to three people, namely Mansel and Eirlys Phillips and Eirwen Davies. The three happened to meet on one of the Welsh Folk Dance Society’s courses and began to explore the idea of establishing a folk dance team in the Trelech area. On their return from the course they began to enquire amongst their friends and announced their intentions in local chapels. In September, 1979, the first meeting was held and Dawnswyr Talog was born.

At first the main events on the calendar were local social dances or twmpaths and the odd performance but over the course of time the team´s success began to grow, and their name became known in the area. Since the first time they competed in the National Eisteddfod in 1980 they have gone from strength to strength. It is fair to say that today, Dawnswyr Talog are one of the main traditional Welsh folk dance teams, and since 1979 they have certainly put the small village of Talog, a few miles from Carmarthen, on the map!

The dancers and musicians meet on Tuesday nights in the YMCA hall in Talog, but their influence extends a great deal further. Following numerous trips to a variety of destinations, firm friendships have been forged with the Boerke-Naas and Nar a Lau dance teams of Flanders and Sweden respectively, and with the La Bajona male voice choir of Bormio in Italy. In July 2002 some of the team´s younger members returned to Lesneven in Britanny to celebrate the twinning of the town with Carmarthen, twenty years after the first visit. Closer to home, many of the team’s members have gone on to impart the craft to others in schools and clubs, and some have gone on to establish brand new teams in other areas, proving the old adage that mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

In addition to promoting Welsh folk dancing, Dawnswyr Talog’s main objectives are to entertain and to enjoy themselves, since this is how to ensure the continuation of this rich tradition. The team offers a varied programme, including folk dances from all over Wales; clog dances; traditional dances and some original dances. There is something to suit everyone.

If you would like to see Dawnswyr Talog in your twmpath, concert or festival, or if you are interested in joining us, please click on the ‘Get in touch’ setion of the site.